Record Store Day!

Hi Guys,

I hope you all managed to snag a few albums you wanted yesterday during the 10th Record Store Day! Personally, I didn’t manage to get the records I wanted! (They were already sold out by the time I got there).

Unfortunately, there’s not going to be a podcast this week or next week. It’s the end of my Easter holidays and I’ve been catching up with lots of college work, which I have to prioritise over the podcast. Next weekend I am camping, due to this and being back at the college there won’t be a podcast next weekend. (This is probably a great time to catch up on any podcasts you’ve missed over at The Matt Weekly SoundCloud )

I hope you can bear with me through this quieter period on the podcast, I’m coming up to my last five weeks at college so over summer I will have more time to create content for you! As there won’t be podcasts for two weeks I’ll try to make more of an effort to do some blog posts so you will still have some content to soak up.


Thanks for being patient with me, as always, I’ll see you later!


-Matt 🙂

Future Podcasts

Hi guys! Matt again!

I know the podcasts have been a little short recently, this is due to the assignment work I’ve had at college. I’m coming up to the end of my course so the work load is getting greater and greater. I still want to be able to release a podcast every week, but that will mean they’re going to be shorter like the more recent ones.

However, the Easter holidays are coming up and summer is just around the corner so if you stick around I’m sure in the coming month they should get back to their longer 15 / 20 minute length!


Thanks for being patient and sticking around, as always, I’ll see you next time!

The Podcast

Hi, Matt here again!

Tomorrow’s podcast is only a shorter one (below the five minute mark), however, I am touching on a topic which is serious to me.

I briefly share my thoughts on music education. I am not nearly qualified enough to talk about this and I didn’t have nearly enough information in front of me when it came to actually recording the podcast.

I’m sure in the future I will write a longer blog post on my whole opinion, or I will do a longer edition of the podcast so I can fully voice my opinion.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the podcast when it goes up tomorrow, and thanks for sticking around!

The First Podcast


The more vigilant of you may have noticed that the first podcast is live!

Please keep in mind that this is the FIRST podcast. It is very awkward as a start but this was expected, please keep in mind that it will not always just be me presenting the podcast. I’m sure it will get less awkward as each week passes so I just ask that you’re patient and you let me develop my skills so the experience for you can be better and better.

After all, this is meant to be light-hearted and friendly!

Thanks for reading and feel free to check out the first edition of the podcast,