Hi, I’m Matt Wheatley, founder and owner of “Matt Weekly”. The idea came from a nick name I was given by a tutor at college, and it has since become a reality. I a currently studying at Leeds College of Music. I aspire to work in radio and I set up this platform as a portfolio for myself and others to display their work as they so choose.

I enjoy many genres of music but always find myself going back to late 80’s and early 90’s Britpop. I can play guitar, bass, drums and keys, although I am studying a music technology diploma. I focus mainly recording studio work, having experience with many bands across many genres.

I currently offer freelance services witin audio engineering and radio production. I have had multiple years of studio and radio experience, so please feel free to fill out a contact form if you would wish to discuss employment.

Look out for my weekly podcast (hence the name!) and various off the cuff blog posts among other things. Hope you stick around!

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Hey Mon. I’m Connor Sharp, a music producer/audio engineer based in Leeds or Hereford, UK. Currently studying Music Technology at Leeds College of Music.

I take inspiration and ideas from any sort of music, and am learning and progressing quickly as I study at college. It has really helped me realise what I want to achieve and do with my life, as music is my absolute passion.

Most of the music (such as the intro to the main podcast) will have been made by me. Always check the description if you’re not sure who’s song it is. If you like what you hear feel free to check out my SoundCloud, Bandcamp or iTunes.

My Twitter – My SoundCloud – My Youtube – My Bandcamp – My iTunes – My Site


Hi, I’m Megan! I’m 18 years old and currently studying Popular Music Performance at Leeds College of Music (if this isn’t de ja vu yet I don’t know what is). I’m in my second year and hoping to soon be moving onto university.

As well as being the resident grammar checker…and generally keeping Matt in check, you may see me in podcasts or even blog posts.

I have a passion for writing about music… It’s almost as strong as my passion for cats (don’t ask me why that’s relevant…it just is!)

Hopefully, you will enjoy my contributions to the Matt Weekly webpage. Either way, it’ll probably be better than most of Matt’s posts!

Cya sweet’s!