Hi again,

This Sunday you can look forward to the first edition of Matt Weekly kicking off! It’s still just an intro giving a brief explanation of what will be going on and what to expect from the podcast. (It’s only 5 minutes long so I’m sure you’ll have the time to listen to it!)

I’m still pretty rough around the edges when it comes to podcasting so you’ll have to grin and bear the first edition, just so I can have time to get more comfortable and used to listening back to my recorded voice. I’m sure the more I do it, the more relaxed I’ll get. (It just means you get to cringe with me during the first few weeks or so!)

If you have any ideas of topics you’d like to be discussed in the podcast, any music or work you’d like to be featured or you’d like to be in it yourself, don’t be afraid to use the contact page on the website and speak to me. I’m just starting so any help or contribution would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you’re all as excited to cringe at the first podcast as I am on Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Intro…

  1. I’d love to hear a 10 minute mix from DJ Sam Williams and maybe a few tracks from Connor Sharp? A new upcoming artist. I’m looking forward to your first podcast. Sam

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